The oasis

The Oasis of „Dexperia“ is a place where „Spaceperia“ write his thoughts down

Thoughts which helps anyone to evolve inner well being, to reunite with the power oneself got hidden within heart, mind and soul

Take your time to connect with these written words and use the comments to interact with any thought „Spaceperia“ is sharing to you with all his knowledge about the mysteries of humanity

Thought Diary #1

Life isn’t about making the right decisions… it’s about bravery, which helps to dream big. Cause any dream could be brought into reality, as long our thoughts and feelings are focussed on a one way road to the fulfillment. So be brave and keep your mind straight to your goals, I swear there will be success if your faith is awaken.


Thought Diary #2

Life always happen in waves.

After the day comes the night, till the day return and

after the sun comes the rain, till the sun return.

As this happen all around us it’s similar to what happen in ourselves. As within so without and as without so within.

So when there is sadness, happiness will return.

So don’t drown in bad days, enjoy them because you already know your happiness is on the way.


Thought Diary #3

Take time to think about the outcome of your dreams and express the feeling which will raise as soon as you achieve it.

Dig deep into your thoughts to learn how to feel that any piece of it has come together as a whole.

Your dreams need your attention, so dream while you are awake in the best way you can imagine.

Trust your own ability to turn your dreams into reality and don’t wait for your dreams… it’s time to bring them alive now.


Thought Diary #4

Dreams always got their obstacles, that’s why you need to clean up anything that disturb your full believing.

Its like destiny give you exercises to test your faith.

Doubt, anxiety and blows of fate will overcome you.

They make your life worse to see if you are strong enough to rise.

Never stop believing, the light gonna show up in wonderful ways very soon.

Its worth it, overcome the fear!



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